citiesabc lists, ranks and connects the world's top cities

citiesabc offers the largest global index of up to 1000 cities and ranks them along the dimensions of smart cities infrastructure and sustainability. Citiesabc seek to inform and empower the citizen in their engagement with their civil authorities, local economy and their community, by providing them with an open-platform for information, 4IR tools and technologies. Cities Civic leaders, via the platform, are able to communicate, educate and engage citizens, citizen groups and the local economy to meet their particular needs utilising Smart City 4IR Technology.


Building the largest mapping platform with news resources, research and index data for cities and nations

Over half of the citizens of the planet now live in cities, and more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be urbanised by 2050. Cities are proactively working across borders to build coalition networks and resist nationalist policies. They contribute to four-fifths of global GDP, and are taking centre stage in securing an inclusive, safe, productive, sustainable, and resilient future for humanity.

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