Listing, ranking and connecting the world top cities

With 4IR digital transformation, Blockchain, AI and smart cities tech

“Cities are the epicentre of our humanity social models. The project is reinventing, uniting, supporting and ranking the top 1000 cities/nations with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, IOT digital platform. We need a tech blockchain - a new Magna Carta - for our cities, citizens and communities. We need to use our digital tools and platforms to coordinate, support and unite cities and their struggling populations. Every city needs to become a live digital platform, where ideas, resources, tech, data, intelligence can be used and shared. We need to use the enormous possibilities of digital transformation 4IR for human service, through the best in identity, research, health, art, culture, social, architectural, economic, political, environmental and science, with the optimal mix of nature, technology, humanity and arts. We built Citiesabc with this in mind.”
― Dinis Guarda

Citiesabc was created by a team of global industry leaders, academics and experts to create new solutions, resources, rankings and connections for the world’s top cities and populations.

We believe that every city needs to become a live digital platform, where ideas, resources, tech, data, intelligence can be recorded, accessed and shared.

Our organisation enables and helps with the coordination of knowledge and resources, enabling cities to understand how to optimise, unite and support the fast-growing and shifting dynamics of cities around the world, and enable different citizen groups to find new narratives, stories and solutions to meet their particular problems, struggles, opportunities and needs.

citiesabc demonstrates how the fast-growing cities around the world enable their citizens to meet particular needs. With over half of the planet now living in cities, and more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be urbanised by 2050, cities are at the epicentre of humanity and social models. They contribute to four-fifths of the global GDP, and are taking centre stage in securing an inclusive, safe, productive, sustainable, and resilient future for humanity.

citiesabc offers:

  • A Wiki-Digital transformation data marketplace for cities
  • Rankings, sentiment indices and listings of cities
  • Promotion of the city’s strengths and positive elements
  • Connections for universities and educational institutions
  • Creation of open APIs with leading real-time data on cities and populations
  • Connection of city organisations and think tanks
  • Creation of in-depth research, analysis and studies
  • Creation of FinTech products to digitally transform cities
  • Creation of smart marketplaces for cities
  • Creation of technology for “Smart Cities”, utilising IoT and AI.

The platform can support cities worldwide in making better decisions regarding the spread and dynamics of COVID-19 virus. It can share new bodies of research and clinical trials from hospitals and academics, through data optimisation, open data, real-time data visualisation, clinical trials developments, verified data smart contracts, and forums for professionals. Powered by AI, Blockchain and 4IR tools, we believe the platform can make a real and immediate difference.


Citiesabc is creating a set of digital transformation solutions to empower the world we leave in, starting with cities first where most of the world population lives.

  1. Digital Identity & Government
  2. Financial Services & Capital Market
  3. Healthcare systems and infrastructures
  4. Business, SMEs, enterprise solutions
  5. Business Processes law & Insurance
  6. Supply Chain
  7. Retail and fashion
  8. Energy and environment - green energy
  9. Sustainability & Social Impact
  10. Sports, Arts & Media


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