The Athlete With The Most Expensive Car Collection, Revealed

By citiesabc resources - Sep 17, 2021

The Athlete With The Most Expensive Car Collection, Revealed

Elite athletes at the top of their game are paid millions for their sporting performance, and with all that money comes the ability to purchase almost anything they desire. For many, spending money on extravagant cars appears to be one of the luxuries these competitors have most in common.

But which athlete has the most expensive car collection?

Interested in this, analysed Forbes’ 2021 list of the world’s 50 highest paid athletes, investigating several reports into the number and value of cars these athletes have amassed with their enormous wealth. They then scoured the internet to find out which car brands and models each athlete owns alongside their estimated worth. Ultimately, this allowed to rank the most expensive car collection of the best paid athletes in 2021.   

Key points

  • Lionel Messi is the athlete with the most expensive car collection with a reported total value of £28,169,068.
  • In second is Cristiano Ronaldo with a collection worth £18,064,666.
  • Lewis Hamilton is third, followed by Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Neymar.
  • Despite topping the Forbes 2021 athlete rich list, Conor McGregor ranks ninth.

The top 10 most expensive athlete car collections:

Rank Athlete Sport Reported no. of cars Estimated total value (£)
1 Lionel Messi Football 13 £28,169,068
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Football 19 £18,064,666
3 Lewis Hamilton Motor Racing 9 £12,380,000
4 Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Boxing 22 £12,321,931
5 Neymar Football 9 £11,790,864
6 Max Verstappen Motor Racing 10 £3,996,144
7 Tom Brady American Football 10 £3,347,674
8 Kevin Durant Basketball 8 £3,166,479
9 Conor McGregor MMA/Boxing 13 £2,720,228
10 Paul Pogba Football 8 £2,278,650 can reveal that the athlete with the most expensive car collection is Lionel Messi! The legendary footballer’s reported car collection comes to an estimated total of £28,169,068, mainly thanks to the Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti that cost him a massive £25,000,000 in 2016.

Coming in second with an estimated total collection value of £18,064,666 is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Manchester United superstar reportedly has 19 cars, with the most expensive being a limited-edition Bugatti Centodieci that cost £8,500,000.

In third is F1 ace Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion is certainly no stranger to cars and has a fleet of motors reportedly worth £12,380,000. The classic 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra is the highest valued car in his collection at £4,000,000.

Coming in fourth is Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez with £12,321,931. The middleweight world champion and boxing's richest fighter reportedly owns 22 cars, the most on our list!

Completing the top five is Neymar with an estimated car collection value of £11,790,864. The Brazilian forward is said to earn £606,000 a week and has a total of 9 supercars in his collection.


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