Chibi Labs Launches Chibi Genesis, Apes, and Chibi Galaxy - Three New NFT Collections

By citiesabc news - Dec 30, 2021

Chibi Labs launched three collections including Chibi Genesis, Apes and their most ambitious to date, Chibi Galaxy. The studio has already made its mark on the NFT space with sold-out collections, meticulous 3D art and an extremely passionate community. All of these characters are 3D rigged and ready for Metaverse integration. 

Across the ecosystem, there are 6,700 3D generative characters rigged for the Metaverse. Each generation signifies a piece of Chibi history and will play a role in the story of the Chibis, their lore and the future of the collection. Chibi Labs like to think of themselves as, "More than just a JPEG project". Led by an accomplished leadership team, Chibi Labs is driving innovation to create long term viability beyond the art. The team is focused on commercialization of the underlying IP (owned by the collectors) for real world application and future monetization.

Recently, Chibi Labs made their debut in Decentraland with their magnificent galactic jungle scene. The land was created as a home base to the community, with private access for collectors, but to show the world what Chibis are about and where they are going. This sprawling plot of land features a massive tree house with several hang out locations including a bar and dance floor, as well as a private cave with a movie room for all Chibi holders. Chibi owners have received and will continue to get Chibi branded wearables and will ultimately have the opportunity to participate in a token-based 'Play to Earn' game within the scene.

Chibi Labs Co-Founder, Mat Sposta, shared in a statement, "The power of NFTs and the communities behind them are paving the path towards Metaverse adoption. We plan to bridge the gap between PFP collectors and Metaverse environments by creating utility, engagement and new forms of gamification. We are just getting started but already well ahead of the pack."

There are many reasons that make Chibi Labs one of the leading NFT projects in the NFT and Metaverse markets. To summarize, the brand itself has shared some more reasons and benefits of getting involved:

• Ownership of Intellectual Property.

• Commercialization and monetization rights for the user's Chibi.

• 3D file use and access for various environments including Metaverse application.

• Augmented Reality tool to view the user's Chibi in real-world photos and videos.

• Jadu Hologram partnership for AR integration with Jetpacks and Hoverboards.

• Future token model and reward system tied to ownership, Play 2 Earn, upgradability and many other incentives.

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