Christie’s Art + Tech Summit: NFTs And Beyond

By citiesabc news - Jun 28, 2021

Christie’s announces its fourth annual Art + Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond will take place on July 15 with a hybrid in-person and virtual ticketed conference.

The Art + Tech Summit continues Christie’s ongoing initiative to spark dialogue about the role and impact of emerging technologies in the art world. This year we will bring together innovators, artists, thought leaders, collectors and more, for a series of panel discussions around NFTs in the morning session, followed by afternoon conversations on the way technology is impacting the way we create, experience, buy and sell art. The Summit is presented by Stella Artois, a brand that has forever been a patron of the arts as well as has been at the forefront of globally offering NFTs, perfecting the recipe for successfully entering the space.

Bonnie Brennan, President of Christie’s, Americas remarks: “Christie’s Art + Tech Summit offers a forum to invite some of the brightest technology thought leaders to discuss their views on emerging trends and predictions facing the future of our business. We are honored to bring together leading experts, influencers, and creative minds, who are redefining the art world with respect to technology, and changing the way art is created, experienced, and circulated.”

The Summit will feature a stimulating mix of keynote lectures, debates and panel discussions, interspersed with short and powerful ideas-based talks. Our panelists will include noted artists, collectors, investors and industry leaders from MicrosoftTik Tok, Anheuser Busch, Tezos, Lago Frame and Portl, among many others. Further information, including the full speaker list and agenda together with details of ticket payment and venue location, will be available here.

Schedule | July 15 | Art + Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond

Part One | NFT’s and the Art World

NFT’s at Christie’s : How We Got Here and What’s Next

NFT’s Impact on the Art Market: Democratization, Monetization, Emergence and Sustainability

NFT Revolution: Expanding the NFT Conversation

Part Two | Art and Tech in a Post-Pandemic World

Creating Technology for the Metaverse

The Innovation Cycle: Microsoft and the Technology Evolution

Hybrid World: Fluidity between Live Experiences and Digital Technology


Lauren Denowitz, Senior Director of Creative and Communications, of Stella Artois comments, “We’re so incredibly excited to be part of Christie’s Art+Tech Summit this summer that focuses on NFTs. As a brand that has long supported the art community, we recognize that our consumers are equally as invested in the art space and have since evolved to collecting art digitally. Not only are we excited about the industry’s evolution and success but in looking forward at how NFTs can drive our business goals.”

Christie’s continues to underpin its position at the forefront of the burgeoning NFT market as the first international auction house to sell an NFT of a purely digital work of art—setting a new world record for digital art, achieving the highest price for any lot in any online-only auction, the highest price for any winning bid placed online, and the highest total for any online-only auction with the sale of Beeple’s EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS for $69 million.

Additional digitals innovations at Christie’s include:

  • The first international auction house to utilize AR technology, pioneered during the sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi in 2017 and then the record-breaking Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection in 2018.
  • In 2018, partnering with industry leader, Artory, Christie’s was the first international auction house to record sales of works on a Blockchain in An American Place: The Barney A. Ebsworth Collection.
  • The first auction house to sell an artwork created by Artificial Intelligence/AI (Obvious, Portrait of Edward de Belamy, 2018) sold for $432,500.
  • The first sale of a mixed reality work at auction with Marina Abramovic’s The Life in 2020 for £287,500.

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