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Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It sits on the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord. As of February 2020, the municipality of Oslo had a population of 693,491. Oslo is considered the hub of the banking, Norwegian trade, industries and shipping businesses. It has got the largest and busiest harbour of the country. There has been a quick and major development after the second world war. This makes it one of the most important maritime industry's hotspot in the entire Europe. The place beams with fashion, art galleries, opera houses, cutting edge food, museum and a lot more. A number of islands fall in the city limit of Oslo and serves as a tourist spot for people. These islands are perfect holiday destinations.

Data and facts

  • Oslo has a metropolitan population of 1,588,457.
  • It has a HDI of 0.968, which is considered very high and one of the best cities to live in the world
  • Owing to Oslo's dedication and concern towards protecting the environment, it was given the title of European green capital 2019.
  • Oslo hosts the ceremony of distribution of the Nobel peace prizes. This takes place in the city hall, every autumn.
  • The people who belong to Oslo are considered the healthiest in the entire Norway region.
  • It also has the largest number of the immigrant population.   


The combined country and municipality of Oslo has a parliamentary system of government. The city's council is regarded as the highest authority and it comprises of 59 seats. This council is elected after a gap of every 4 years. The council has 5 standing committees and each of them has their specific niche of responsibility to serve. Oslo is represented by 19 parliamentary members in Storting( it is the supreme legislature or the greatest assembly of Norway). Most of the governmental offices, even the prime minister's office is located here. The country has 58 airports meant for air transportation. 


Oslo's economy can be considered varied but strong as well. It has been able to rank itself as the 2nd most commerce friendly city in Europe.  It is one of the most important centres of maritime business in Europe and it hosts a whopping of 1980 companies and approximately 9000 people just within the maritime boundaries. Oslo is the proud owner of the biggest cargo port in the country. Also, the housing market of Oslo is considered to be the most expensive one in Norway. The city receives more than 2 million people as tourists and receives a good amount of a

Finance from the tourist business. 

Business environment

Oslo is Europe's fastest-growing capital city. It has a strong economy with a stable government and is also one of the most business-friendly cities in the world. The city has a wonderful environment for tech-based and communication-based startups. Service-based industries also thrive here because people take good care of their living standards. Also, it has been ranked 1 city when it comes to the quality of life at the global level. 


Oslo has a well-developed transport infrastructure. The overall Norwegian transportation is considered to be good enough. However, the rough terrain and the severe northern climate makes transportation difficult in winters. Railway network is mostly towards the Southside and connectivity in the north is basically through cars, ships and air crafts. The government pays a good amount of attention to communication and public transport is commendable. The government has build and maintained a large number of tunnels, ferryboat services, and bridges for the convenience of the people. 


This Norwegian market is always open to newer technologies. The people are not only digitally advanced but are also highly interested to adopt new technology. This very interest of people makes the Oslo market very suitable for testing purposes.you can spot a great amount of expertise in various technical fields. This market serves to be a great place for tech and ICT field startups. The success of major technological ventures which includes Vivaldi, opera software speaks for itself. 

Social wellness and human resources

Networking is not a well-known concept in Oslo, so it might take a good amount of time for you to get through the connection parts. A large amount of skilled labour is easily available in the market but it comes at a high cost, which may be unappealing to a lot of people. The entrepreneurial business is also pretty much new in town. Moreover, a major part of the population does not think good of entrepreneurship. The people of Oslo can be best described as honest, professional, having a no-nonsense approach yet friendly. Any organisation in Oslo expects it's employees to take the responsibilities and to take the initiatives as well and be creative and flexible too.













Vision / R&D
Finance / Economy
Talent / People / Culture
Innovation / Livability
Smart policies / Tax incentives
Social impact
480.75 km2 (185.62 sq mi)
 • Land
454.12 km2 (175.34 sq mi)
 • Water
26.64 km2 (10.29 sq mi)
23 m (75 ft)
 (27 February 2020)[2][3][4]
693,491 Increase
 • Urban
 • Summer (DST)
Postal code
0001 – 1299 [7]
HDI (2017)
very high
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