Eric Ma - CEO BTCU Ultimatum, Former Community Manager CoinMarketCap, Digital Blockchain Crypto Leader

By citiesabc resources - Feb 17, 2021

Eric Ma is the CEO of BTCU. An expert in crypto and community building,  Eric became Global Community Manager for CoinMarketCap - the world's leading platform source for crypto market capitalizations, pricing and information in 2018. Eric later took the role of CEO at BiONE Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Singapore. In 2020, he was approached by BTCU to become the CEO of the company.

Eric studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and majored in Landscape Architecture. As a landscape architect he gained project management experience which laid the foundations of working with global teams and project strategy. After 10 year of experience in project management he switched careers and got into human resources. In his next company, Eric managed a big network of international educators in an institution out of Taiwan. 

Eric Ma Interview Questions

1. Profile and background
2. Career highlights
- CoinMarketCap
- BiONE Exchange
3. BTCU vision
4. BTCU product and road map
5. Major areas around BTCU fork
6. What are the most important things on BTCU atomic swaps
7. How BTCU wants to make a difference
8. BTCU projects with tokenization of services for cities
9. BTCU projects with tokenization of property and marketplace
10. Token exchanges and goals for community

Eric Ma Interview Notes

About Eric Ma’s background. After coming into the crypto industry I realized that people in the industry came from all walks of life. Although most come from the finance industry many come from other disciplines.

Experience at BiONE. When I joined the team I would say that most of the customers were in China. They wanted to improve the platform, grow their customer base and performance overall. We launched a revamped version of the business just within 6 months since I got there. However I wasn’t really keen on the future of the exchange industry so I decided to make the move when I was approached by BTCU.

About CoinMarketCap. I was kind of the face of CoinMarketCap. As the global community manager, I was the one to approach the community, projects and exchanges. I also was the first person of contact for our community and engaged and interacted with our community. As a matter of fact, CoinMarketCap has been a premier price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies. It is the most referenced and trusted source for comparing thousands of crypto entities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space by users, institutions, and media.

What is BTCU?. BTCU is not just a fork for Bitcoin but much more. We all know that Bitcoin is more than just a store for value, it is also a peer to peer payment network. What we are trying to do at BTCU is leverage what Bitcoin can offer. We are building a next-gen blockchain based on Ethereum that would allow us to tokenize assets which can apply to different projects and companies outside the scope of cryptocurrencies. Our solution also aims to improve the current unstainable PoW with a new algorithm, making it more democratic, scalable, efficient and sustainable.

What’s the future for BTCU? With the fork, we will be doing an airdrop of BTCU tokens across a network of exchanges. We have the code of our testnet on Github so developers and the public can test it and look for bugs and collect bounties. We always welcome feedback. After the fork we will continue to develop BTCU as established in our roadmap. Some of the developments include the addition of the smart contract system which would allow for atomic swaps.

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