Fighting Covid-19 with Technology Huawei Efforts to tackle Covid 19

By citiesabc resources - Apr 04, 2020
Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, launched the global action plan

Fighting Covid-19 Huawei Efforts to tackle Covid 19

News Release
SHENZHEN, China, April 3, 2020

The best way to change the world is with the tools of our time and technology are the tools we have on our hands. Huawei is the tech gient that is leading in inovation like their revent year numbers release disclose where they are leading ininvestment even other gients like Apple and Microsoft.

Huawei Cloud announced recently that they launched a global action plan to help customers around the world to fight COVID-19 with cloud and AI services. As part of this international action plan against the coronavirus, HUAWEI CLOUD will be providing free AI and cloud services and will be recruiting partners around the world to help fight this pandemic together.

Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, stated, "Huawei Cloud has been working with partners in China to use innovative technologies such as cloud and AI to fight the pandemic, and has accumulated practical experience with AI-assisted CT scan analysis, drug discovery, online education, and telecommuting technologies. Now, we are launching this international action plan to share our practical experience to the international market. We will make every effort to leverage technology to help our customers around the world cope with challenges faced in the midst of this crisis."


In the healthcare domain, Huawei Cloud provides EIHealth free of charge, which includes services such as viral genome detection, Antiviral drug in silico screening, and AI-assisted CT patient screening service. In the education sector, Huawei Cloud works with partners to provide online education services for schools and other educational institutions. They are also helping enterprises migrate businesses to the cloud to ensure continuous operations while the pandemic continues. Huawei Cloud is now offering up to 1,500 hours of free cloud resources for each newly registered user, complete with 24/7 professional support on the Huawei Cloud (international) website.

AI Healthcare
EIHealth provides free packages for hospitals and research institutions registered with HUAWEI CLOUD to fight against COVID-19, which include:
▪ In silico drug screening service and virus genome analysis service (Free quota: 1,000 CPU hours and 500 GPU hours)
▪ COVID-19 AI-assisted CT screening service, free until May 1, 2020

EIHealth Antivirus Services: AI-assisted CT Patient Screening for COVID-19
This AI service could be used to assist clinicians to assess the CT scan images. It automatically segments the lung lesions and measures the lesion volume. The Ascend AI chip is used to accelerate the segmentation, saving the precious time of clinicians.

▪ Lesion segmentation and quantitative analysis
▪ 3D reconstruction
▪ Follow-up examinations and comparisons

EIHealth Antivirus Services: In silico Drug Screening
Drug screening is a very lengthy process, while virtual (in silico or computational) screening is commonly regarded as the fastest and most accurate way of doing it. In silico drug screening service provides professional and optimized tools for researchers to find the antiviral drug quickly.

▪ Protein Homology Modeling
▪ Molecular Dynamics Simulation
▪ Molecular Docking

Online Education

Classes Are Stopped But Learning Doesn′t Have To
HUAWEI CLOUD is working with partners to provide online teaching services for primary and secondary schools and colleges during these hard times, so teachers can still teach and students can still learn.

▪ Distance learning: Teachers and students can interact through audio, video, and chat rooms.
▪ Curriculum development: Online tools make course development more efficient, and allow teachers to work together remotely and share teaching materials.
▪ Online self-study: Students can learn on their own, using low-latency HD VOD. Teaching content distribution is faster, exams can be taken online, and learning progress is monitored in real time.

ULearning LMS for Academic include course creation, teaching, learning, management, examination, evaluation, data analytics for research

HUAWEI CLOUD has also released the Anti-COVID-19 Partner Program, a program focused on five main scenarios: remote office, AI support, enterprise assistance, smart healthcare, and online education. Partners who participate in this program can not only obtain comprehensive business, technological, and market support, but will also have the opportunity to obtain free cloud resources worth up to USD $30,000.

HUAWEI CLOUD Offers a Range of Cloud Services for Free
Register with HUAWEI CLOUD and get 1500-hour free usage quotas for 10 hot products.

▪ Free cloud services: Take advantage of free cloud services, including ECSs (2 vCPUs and 4 GB memory), databases, storage, cloud backup, and a world-class CDN.
▪ Security, compliance, and reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD ensures data neutrality and stable service operations with over 40 security and privacy compliance certifications, meeting the compliance requirements of different industries and regions.

To join the Global Action Plan for Fighting COVID-19, contact:
For more information, please visit:

Huawei offers China learnings to tackle Covid 19 outbreak in India

On another vertical Huawei is optimising their efforts on Covid19 in India. Jay Chen, Huawei India CEO, said recently in communications that, “We are working on solutions to apply our learnings and experience from China to the current situation in India and help combat Covid-19 with new technology such as remote temperature monitoring.”

Huawei has offered India the technologies that it deployed in China's Hubei province to curb and monitor spread of coronavirus;
Huawei said live video-streaming, remote collaboration, remote diagnosis and treatment, and remote protection can play an important role in fighting the pandemic.

Huawei has offered India the technologies that it deployed in China's Hubei province to curb and monitor spread of coronavirus.

The company used 5G network there to deploy the technical solutions that included remote temperature measurement, diagnosis and treatment.

Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus, is the capital of Hubei province.

"We are working on solutions to apply our learnings and experience from China to the current situation in India and help combat COVID-19 with new technologies such as remote temperature monitoring.

"We at Huawei in India offer to work with the Government of India, industry and local ecosystem to make our contribution to fight this recent pandemic based on our social responsibilities," Huawei said in its reply to an e-mail query from PTI.

The number of positive coronavirus case in India has jumped.

To control the pandemic in Wuhan and other places in China, Huawei along with its partners leveraged technology to address on-ground communication challenges.

The company said it developed on-ground 5G use cases for four key scenarios, namely live video-streaming, remote collaboration, remote diagnosis and treatment, and remote protection, which can play an important role in fighting the pandemic.

Huawei India said these were all telemedicine solutions that can also work on 4G network with good connectivity.

"In China, operators used these solutions on 5G. However, it can work on existing networks in India," the company said.

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