FinTech4Good Co-creating Global FinTech and Blockchain Policies Collaborations and Solutions

By citiesabc resources - May 01, 2020

FinTech4Good Co-creating Global FinTech and Blockchain Policies Collaborations and Solutions


About FinTech4Good:

We live in a world fostered and lead by technology and special financial technologies and distributed ledger technologies are the major areas that we can look as the foundational technologies of our times in parallel with AI, smart cities and IoT. FinTech4Good was created to create the right policies and initiatives around these critical areas and technologies of our time.  FinTech4Good is an orgnisations that seeks to co-create FinTech and Blockchain solutions that contribute to the achievement of sustainable developing goals. To facilitate this mission, we connect innovators with our global network in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Our services include but are not limited to thought leadership, market entry advisory and co-investment on Blockchain and FinTech.

From 2016, FinTech4Good have established a number of blockchain labs, including Insurance Blockchain Lab, Smart City Blockchain Lab and Financial Inclusion Lab. A Blockchain4SDGs Lab will be launched in June 2017. By joining FinTech4Good Global Blockchain and FinTech Accelerating Program, innovative companies will have opportunities to enter into the top 3 markets of their own choice, and receive mentorship from global leaders in their respective industry.

FinTech4Good is a leading global fintech and blockchain network which supports young companies and startups using fintech and blockchain technology. It is a private organization with headquarter in Washington DC Metro Area, Southern US. The president of FinTech4Good is Xiaochen Zhang. The company has global offices in Washington DC, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, London.

FinTech4Good founder Xiaochen Zhang

FinTech4Good was found and is managed by multiple global personalities such as Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good. Xiaochen Zhang is also co-Chair, World Digital Economy Council, UN ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) Executive Council. He is also a member of the UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force and Green Business Task Force.

Listed as one of the Top 100 Blockchain Influencers by Lattice80, Xiaochen leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy to introduce the most disruptive technological innovations in frontier markets. FinTech4Good was awarded the Best FinTech Impact Investing Network 2019 by Wealth & Finance International.

Xiaochen leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy which aims to introduce impactful fintech and blockchain solutions to frontier markets through incubation, acceleration, and investment. He is a partner at Wemerge Capital, a Chairman of the Global Digital Economy Leadership Council, and serves on the Crowdfunding Professional Association Board of Director, member of the UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force and Green Business Task Force.

FinTech4Good events

FinTech4Good regularly holds various events and meetings around the world. This allows them to identify and weigh the most promising fintech and blockchain technology solutions and bring them to global markets through development and investment.

FinTech4Good Blockchain Accelerator

Fintech4Good manages also the Fintech4Good Blockchain Accelerator
This digital accelerator offers mentors that are top leaders in technology, business, investment and policy areas. By the end of the 10 weeks, startups which successfully completed the program will receive $100,000-$3,000,000 investment from top blockchain investment funds.

The projects focus on:
Emerging technology - Solutions which are enabled by AI, Big Data, IOT, Blockchain and FinTech
Blockchain Infrastructure - Next generation distributed ledger technologies and protocols
Blockchain for Good Applications - Blockchain applications in supporting of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and fostering the emergence of a healthy Blockchain ecosystem
Blockchain for Financial Services - Blockchain applications in disrupting financial services provision especially in the frontier markets

Blockchain for Impact World Championship

The platform organises also the Blockchain for Impact World Championship that represents 10 Countries
· Regional BC4I World Championship in 10 countries
· Select top 5 from each region to the compete at the finals
· Tracks: including blockchain infrastructure, blockchain protocol, dApps
· Sectoral focus: financial services, energy, emerging technologies and Consumer sector
· The event has an Extensive global specialised media coverage

The Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC) brings together top blockchain leaders from academic, policy, business, investment and technology background to identify, build, implement and help to scale the most impactful blockchain initiatives in advancing global digital transform. the Competition works in in 10 cities and has 20 leading investors as co-chairs.
The RBWC was an initiative launched jointly by 20 world blockchain leaders to mobilize $1 trillion to invest in impactful blockchain and other digital technology innovations to address $100 trillion worth of market challenges.

30 Winners will be selected to enter into a 10 week long acceleration program
Customized ICO plan incorporating best practices and effective partnership

In each country, a start-up can apply to join one of the 5 teams. Each team is led by two top investors and supported by several media companies. Start-ups will be able to interact with investors and media partners throughout the process. The top 5 of each team will be eligible to enter into the next round and compete with other teams to select the top 5 in each country. All startups who enter into the RBWC Final will have the opportunity to receive acceleration services and investment.

FinTech4Good Blockchain Acceleration Program selects the most promising blockchain companies, help them to scale up their business and secure the necessary funding to get on track for growth through a 10 week extensive acceleration process. Our modular based weekly program covering all key aspects for launching and funding business. Startups will be mentored with renowned subject matter experts and influencers in the blockchain community and able to access to investor networks and leading digital exchanges to start-ups to meet top goals in targeted areas.

Industry: Financial Services
Company size: 11-50 employees
Includes members with current employer listed as FinTech4Good, including part-time roles.
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia;
Partnership Specialties: FinTech, Blockchain, Sustainable Development Goals, and Incubation

One of their past events was the The 2018 Digital Asset Investment Forum (DAIF)
A second Digital Asset Investment Forum was held in Washington, DC. The event was hosted by the FinTech4Good team as the opening of the DC Blockchain Incubator and Energy Blockchain Leadership Committee. The premiere of the event attracted executives from across the industry to discuss whether blockchain technology could change the industry the way the Internet once did. Specific questions were related to the value of technology for existing applications, the most promising startups, and how to create a strong ecosystem for the healthy development of digital assets:

Samson Williams, Axes and Eggs Development Director, spoke of the need for companies in the industry to follow the same rules as those developed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), for the entire industry.
Wallace Lynch, the founder of Alpha Token, talked about how to work with ICOs in business, creating real-value products based on specific customer needs that can prove superior to traditional solutions.
One of the founders of Kora, known as a rising star in financial infrastructure systems, talked about how to use blockchain technology in Africa to empower people who do not have access to the banking sector.
Zhijun Zhang of the World Bank Group spoke about the use of blockchain in third world countries to help those who do not have an identity.

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