Interview Jason H. Jang, Founder TNC IT Group - Tokenncoin, Blockchain M&A "Uniting The Crypto World

By Hernaldo Turrillo - May 15, 2020

citiesabc founder Dinis Guarda Interviews Jason H. Jang, Founder TNC IT Group - Tokenncoin, Blockchain M&A "Uniting The Crypto World

TNC IT Group has the vision to "unite the cryptocurrency world," and as founder Jason H. Jang tells us in this interview, they are doing everything they can to achieve it. Asked by citiesabc founder Dinis Guarda about the company's ambitious plans, Jason H. Jang goes trough every project, including the recently launched tokenncoin, their massive blockchain M&A program and the blockchain based marketplace Buyaladdin. Likewise, both experts talk about the current state of the blockchain and the crypto industry, the regulatory challenges worldwide and the impact of COVID-19 in the sector.

Interview Focus

1. Personal profile and professional background
2. The state of blockchain and crypto
3. Blockchain Regulation in South Korea and in the world
4. About TNC IT Group
5. Blockchain M&A program
6. Tokenncoin
7. BuyAladding and Alibaba shopping mall
8. Smart Crypto Cities

Key Takeaways

· About TNC IT Group vision and the blockchain M&A program. "The first goal for TNC IT is to grow a massive base user. And from that, using our M&A program we believe companies and startups in the blockchain space can thrive and help each other. We don't want companies to disappear but to work together. To start with, we aim to start with the merge of 500 companies.

Crypto M&A was designed to synergize the power of the community among the scattered blockchain companies around the world. It will allow cryptocurrencies that are on a standstill in the trading market to gain as the TNC Coin community grows. A united community will be the critical underlying force that will increase the TNC Coin’s future price value."

· About South Korea, blockchain and crypto industry. "South Korea was very lax in cryptocurrency and blockchain regulation, that is why South Korea became trending in that industry. I remember South Korea was a hotspot for ICO and other projects. For a while it was the center of the world. This brought some issues as scams and fraudulent ICOs but it also helped leverage token and crypto literacy among the population. Most people in South Korea are aware of digital assets and tokens."

· About the current state of crypto. "We want TNC IT Group to suceed because we know there have been many issues and bad press towards cryptocurrencies. We are trying to give value to our customers, businesses and users.

As part of its long-term goal, TNC also wishes to introduce a novel blockchain infrastructure that will benefit the majority. With the help of blockchain developers in its court, TNC strongly believes that collective efforts and minds will result in an innovative decentralized blockchain infrastructure never before introduced by the industry."

Jason H. Jang Biography

Jason H. Jang is a corporate education and management professional, with extensive business experience as a trusted advisor in the ITTP program and Blockchain, conducting instructions and consultation among many international companies. Detailed knowledge of presentation, business negotiation, public speech, leadership, and Blockchain structure. Extensive experience in developing and managing diverse teams. Recognized for building capacity through meeting training needs and best practices. Ten years of experience in creating strategic and operational plans, business continuity plans, risk and crisis management planning for organizations, as well as corporate communications and spokesperson development.

Results-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional, with a successful record of accomplishments in the networking, training, and communication transmission industries. Experience in R&D, mining center, exchange, and cryptocurrency social networking with focus on providing the recipient with the highest quality result. Fully compliant with coin development planning, ICO processing, managing mining machine, listing criteria management for listing the coin on exchanges, and legal provision for any types of blockchain related project.

Jason H. Jang is the founder of TNC IT Group and he currently serves as the CEO of Deboot Blockchain Consulting and Media, Blockchain Educational Committee at Global Blockchain Organization, Board member of HKIBFA, CIO of PAYX Foundation.

About TNC IT Group

TNC IT Group is a blockchain company which major activities include investing both resources and guidance on blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on. To do so, the company has developed a process through M&A to acquire different cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies around the world and integrate them in their network in an attempt to “unite the cryptocurrency world”.

Dubai-based, TNC has been set up to provide a comprehensive blockchain service for their users covering a range of aspects including issuing, marketing, token listing and security.

In parallel, TNC has already invested US$5m in ABBC Foundation’s BuyAladdin project. BuyAladdin is a one-stop online marketplace for crypto users. The investment will accelerate the app’s development, ensuring fast and secure crypto transactions and protection from possible security threats. TNC’s native cryptocurrency, the Tokenncoin, will also be used for payment in the Aladdin Shopping Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency shopping mall.

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