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Interview With Jorge Sebastiao Tech Thought Leader, Smart Cities, Cyber Security, Blockchain and AI

Jorge Sebastiao is a technology thought leader, influencer and ICT expert in the area of cyber security with more than 35 years of experience in...
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Interview with Kiran J. Fernandes Associate Dean for Internationalisation at Durham University Business School, Vice-chair of UK National Commission for UNESCO

Professor Kiran J. Fernandes, Dean for Internationalisation at Durham University Business School and Vice-chair of UK National Commission for UN...
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Interview With Marc Buckley: UN SDG, WEF, Tech, Sustainability & Cities of Tomorrow

Marc Buckley, ESG Sustainability Advisor, Activist, WEF Expert and Resilient Futurist  is interviewed by Dinis Guarda in this new series for ci...
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Interview with Antonio Santos: Digital Transformation, Inclusion and the Future of Cities

Technology can be seen as a means for innovation and improvement. And as Antonio Santos points out in this interview, technology can have a grea...
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Video Interview with Professor Yu Xiong: Creating A 4IR Blockchain Magna Carta for Humanity

Professor Yu Xiong, a computer scientist, academic and serial entrepreneur believes that the United Kingdom is in a privileged position to lead ...
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Covid-19 Crisis And Healthcare Challenges Video Interview With Prof. Henning Walczak

Dinis Guarda and Professor Yu Xiong talk with Professor Henning Walczak about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every single aspect of the ...
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