Lucky Maneki Community Reveals Maneki Gang NFT Collection

By citiesabc resources - Sep 27, 2021

The Decentralized, Community Operated NFT Project Lucky Maneki Has Recently Revealed the Maneki Gang Collection Available for Purchase on OpenSea

The Lucky Maneki community has recently released its second collection the Maneki Gang NFT line which is currently available for purchase on OpenSea, consisting of 11,358 randomly generated images modeled after Japanese beckoning cats. Maneki Gang Avatars were made to be used as “profile pictures” for the NFT holders to use on social media. The avatars each have eight randomly selected traits, which include the background of the picture, the texture and color of the skin, eyes, mouth, hat, collar, clothing, and their visible paws.

The Maneki Gang collection was released on August 30, 2021. They were added to the 14,159 (a very fortunate number) of the original Lucky Manekis in Luckeania, a fantastical alternate world. These mystical creatures are endowed with powers of good luck and fortune. Each Maneki is completely unique, however,  the first 40 are regarded as "Epic" Manekis. Epic Manekis are said to bring the greatest good fortune. The head, torso, backdrop, and accessories of these original characters were made to be in perfect balance. These characteristics are passed down via their ancestors through random “mutations”. Some of the randomly generated mutations are more valuable than others.

For example, hidden in the artwork some mutations can lead to clues that can be used in the Treasure Hunt, which then leads to some amazing prizes. Lucky Maneki and Maneki Gang NFT holders can also participate in other challenges, including collecting complete sets of Manekis and completing tasks that help the community grow. Funds for prizes and for new community initiatives are gathered from sales, then these are added to the DAO, which is the community pool.

The origins of the Lucky Cat point to a tale, far away in an ancient land, a samurai sought shelter underneath a tree by a sacred temple. While taking in his surroundings the man notices a cat that seemed to be beckoning him to the temple.  As he walked away from the tree to approach this cat, a bolt of lightning struck the tree he was under, causing the tree to crash down where he was sitting only moments ago. The samurai, who turned out to be a wealthy man, rewarded this temple with fortunes for the blessings of this lucky cat. The Lucky Maneki Community aims to carry the torch of the beckoning cat by continuing its mission to bestow luck upon everyone.

The recent Maneki Gang NFT collection launch is part of an effort to grow the community and raise awareness of the Lucky Maneki Brand. The project is community-run by using a DAO structure. They also plan to build a Merchandise Shop and a metaverse experience, further building the brand and strengthening the community. With other new collections on the horizon, there will be plenty of opportunities for new users to get involved.

The Maneki Gang Collection can be found on OpenSea, and the Lucky Maneki Collection also on OpenSea.

About Lucky Maneki

Dubbed, “The luckiest NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain,” Lucky Maneki Brand is a collectible project that is grown and maintained by their decentralized worldwide community. Each member’s vote counts and each Lucky Maneki Brand NFT can increase the user’s stake in the DAO. Owning any Lucky Maneki Brand NFT also gives the user unlimited rights worldwide to license, copy, and display the purchased art in any way they choose. Finally, Lucky Maneki has a generous rewards structure based on exciting challenges.

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