Meet The 120+ Top Experts And Government Officials To Speak At The Global Digital Transformation Openbusinesscouncil Summit And Awards

By citiesabc news - Apr 14, 2021

120+ top experts and government officials will speak during the 3-day openbusinesscouncil summit and awards event on  April 20th to 22nd. From government officials to top industry experts, the collective expertise of the speakers makes this an unmissable event.

The openbusinesscouncil Summit and Awards, in partnership with citiesabc and World Smart Cities Forum, is running an online event with the aim to strengthen businesses, startups, and government’s strategies post COVID-19.

The summit provides access to a unique audience and has indirect digital streaming in social media, that reaches over 10 million people.

The experts include, amongst others, high-profile personalities such as Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, or Jaewon Peter Chun, President at World Smart Cities Forum.

The openbusinesscouncil summit team has diligently prepared the 3-days event, touching trending and disruptive topics such as the boom of DeFi, the always-widening possibilities of blockchain, the impact of new tech in Finance and Society, the rising importance of NFTs, etc, in more than 50 panels.

The openbusinesscouncil digital summit will cover, amongst others, the following topics:

  1. Creating Smarter Digital Transformation Businesses in a Time of Covid-19
  2. Challenges and Opportunities with 4IR, Big Data, IoT and Cybersecurity to Businesses and SMEs
  3. Digital HealthTech & Wellness Post Covid-19
  4. Access and Inclusion in Smart Cities and AI
  5. How can Tech4All, Tech4Good and AI4Good Support CSR and CDR
  6. The Role and Importance of Innovation and data in the Smart Cities and Governments
  7. The Future of Collaborative Innovation, Media, IP, Digital Platforms with 4IR & AI
  8. Finding our way Forward with UN SDGs, ESGs in the Post-Covid-19 World
  9. Redesigning Businesses After Covid – ESG – Sustainability – Finance and Digital Transformation Investment
  10. Centralised Finance vs Decentralised Finance, Digital Assets – NFTs
  11. How are Scale-Ups and Venture Capital Accelerator Networks Aiding Growth to the Business Startup Ecosystem?
  12. Fintech, GovTech, LegalTech and PropTech
  13. Blockchain, DeFi and CBDC – the Next Fintech Frontier
  14. Investments and Strategies on Future Cities and Governments
  15. SG, Social Inclusion, Carbon Footprint and Energy
  16. Digital Transformation, Blockchain & The WorkPlace of the Future

Meet The Speakers At openbusinesscouncil summit and awards

The biggest names to speak at the conference and their bios can be accessed below. Openbusinesscouncil ensured the highest quality of speakers, who come from top positions in their fields.

Ms. Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Ukraine 

Currently working as a Deputy Minister for Eurointegration in the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, she is in charge of the digital literacy national program (Diia. Digital Education), development and growth of SME with help of digital instruments (Diia.Business), new digital professions, online children protection, euro integration. Before working for the Ukrainian government, she was an entrepreneur. Valeriya graduated from the  MBA program at Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe in Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Negotiations and Human Resource Management.

Jaewon Peter Chun, President at World Smart Cities Forum

Jaewon is the President of World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF), which is a non-profit organization based in London, England. He also founded ARK-i Labs in New York City, which is a smart city curator and investment company. Besides, he also founded and have run XnTREE, a Tech accelerator in Level39 which is the largest open tech cluster in Europe, which is located in Canary-Wharf financial district in London. In 2018, he was appointed Master Planner, head of Korea’s smart city national pilot project, to create a master plan framework.

Jawad Sardar, Future Cities & Prosperity Specialist, DIT UK

Jawad is a  smart cities specialist who works with national and local governments across the world to develop leading smart governance, mobility, urban planning and sustainability projects. Most recently overseeing the Prosperity Fund Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP) for the Department of International Trade (DIT) as their Future Cities & Prosperity specialist. Jawad also works with tech companies to help build smart cities applications and use cases for Ai, IoT, AR/VR, and data analytics in cities.

Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, Atos, AxChat, W3 consortium advisor

Neil is the Atos representative on the Business Disability Forum Technology Task Force and have successfully instigated the adoption of and implemented the Accessible Technology charter. His role is to help make the world a better place by delivering better technology for his customers and staff, embedding inclusive practice into the Business As Usual Processes of organisations with thousands of employees and turnovers numbering in billions. His clients include: BBC, Department of Health, Ministry of Justice, Insolvency Service, and NHS.

Scott Edward Parazynski – Physician | former NASA astronaut

Scott is an American physician and a former NASA astronaut. A veteran of five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks, Parazynski’s latest mission was STS-120 in October, 2007 – highlighted by a dramatic, unplanned EVA to repair a live solar array. arazynski said he wanted to build a company based on what he’d learned as an astronaut, from collaborating with colleagues around the world to training and designing things in virtual reality. In 2016, he founded Fluidity Technologies in Houston. The company’s first product, the FT Aviator, is a joystick used to fly DJI drones as smoothly as possible with just one hand.

Debra Ruh, Founder & CEO Ruh Global IMPACT

Debra has worked as a Global Inclusion Strategist since 2001. Before she became an entrepreneur she was an executive in the banking industry for many years. She created Ruh Global Communications to help clients reduce their compliance and brand risks associated with inclusion and create programs that act as a positive differentiator. The goal is to help our clients thrive in this space and empower them to be global problem solvers, champions of change, and transformational leaders of social change.

Joy Tan, SVP Public Affairs, Huawei

Joy leads a diverse team of communications and media affairs professionals to convey Huawei’s cutting-edge innovation and best practices as a global technology leader to U.S. audiences. Together with her team, she is committed to telling the unique story and rapid growth of Huawei, which has grown into a $122 billion multinational company, whose products and services are used across 170 countries from its inception over 30 years ago.

The inaugural summit reached 50,000+ live views 300,000+ post-live views with a global media outreach in social media and PR of over 10 million people!

The April 2021 summit and awards are expected to far exceed this with the addition of more key speakers and participants.

The event will be streamed in the fast-growing Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast series: 


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