openbusinesscouncil Summit Day 1 Recap: Frontier Technologies and Digital Transformation Solutions Lead The Way

By Hernaldo Turrillo - Dec 10, 2020

· Learn how Digital Transformation, 4IR and Society 5.0 can be achieved from top ministers including Minister of Technology of Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and top industry leaders like Eric van der Kleij, former UK Smart Nation Director; Michael Stanley Jones from United Nations and Ben Goertzel, AI mastermind and others

· The openbusinesscouncil Summit starts on December 9-10, offering two days full of meaningful panels. Watch now on Dinis Guarda Youtube Channel.

The openbusinesscouncil summit started at 8.30am GMT and ran through to 18.00am GMT. The first panel featured Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications of Malaysia, and along Dinis Guarda, CEO and Founder of ztudium, Thought Leader & Influencer and Sanjay Aggarwal, Chairman & CEO at Paramount Communications Limited looked for an answer to one of the most incipient challenges of the ending year: “How can Governments & Businesses manage the Challenges of COVID-19 – Digital transformation 4IR, AI, Blockchain, FinTech?”

Live streaming from 5 different channels including YouTube, Facebook and Periscope, all 40+ speakers shared their insights about how 4IR and frontier tech is transforming the world as we know it in these times of COVID-19 uncertainties.

Here are some of major highlights from the day:

Tony Horrell, Chairman and CEO at Cranium Ventures, at the panel ‘Global Regulatory Government and Business - Fintech Ecosystem’: “What we are seeing now in the payment space is the perfect storm. We have a highly complex environment but regulation is not touching the right points. Here in Malaysia, for example, we have many different regulatory bodies and financial players that don’t talk to each other. What we need to build is an interoperable and a holistic framework that takes into account crypto payments, digital payments, fiat payments, etc and all players involved.”

Dr. Kiran Fernandes, Professor and Associate Dean Durham University UK at the panel ‘4IR: How Cities & Businesses can transform their infrastructure & supply chain with Society 5.0 AI Blockchain Sustainability frameworks?’: “We need to create a system that works bringing together the so-called triple helix: academia, industry and government. That is the only way to reach what Society 5.0 is meant to provide .”

The star panel ‘Technology, Blockchain, AI, Automation. What is the future?’ was the brochure to a packed day full of insights and solutions. Gathering together Ai-Da the robot creator Aidan Meller and Sophia the robot creator Ben Goertzel along with tech thought leader David Siegel and data analytics professor Jamal Ouenniche, this fireside left us some of the most interesting takeaways of the day:

David Siegel, Tech Thought Leader and Founder of Cutting Through the Noise said: “Whenever there is a new technology, it is not about the technology itself, but about the people who made it and how they are going to use it in the future. And in recent years, especially after Bitcoin and blockchain went mainstream, technology developers and creators must first go to a lawyer to see if they can invent that technology or not."

Likewise, Ben Goertzel | Founder of SingularityNET commented about the future of AI: “We need to create an AI that serves us. We need to democratically lead AI development while fostering creativity and imagination. Those two aspects are key for the future of AI, especially as we are approaching Singularity.”

“There are two major trends dominating our collective brain: first one is about centralization funneled by companies, databases, power, economy, etc. And the other is the advent of decentralization. A movement that is born on the internet and fostered by new technologies like blockchain.”

Day-2 will feature some of keynote speakers, including Eric van der Kleij, Cofounder, creator of, former adviser to U.K. Prime Minister –, Naokazu Takemoto, Minister of Technology Japan and Tina Jabeen, CEO and Founder of Startup Bangladesh in the panel “The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape – Challenges and Opportunities?”

Providing solutions to businesses will be a key theme along the summit and the panel “The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape – Challenges and Opportunities?” proves that. This panel will count with the presence of Oleksandr Bornyakov, “Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Ukraine”; Tina Jabeen, CEO & Founder of Bangladesh Startup CEO Founder; Tran Van Tung, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology Vietnam and Andrés Saborido, Managing Director at Wayra.

At last but not least, the 2-day event openbusinesscouncil summit will end with the ‘Future Governments & Cities: what Roads to Smart Sustainable, Accessibility + Inclusive society?’, a panel discussion key for the future implementation of technology, giving us a much needed ethical POV. The panel will be moderated by Debra Ruh, CEO and Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT, Human Potential at Work (HPAW) Talk Show Host and Co-Host of AXSChat and it will feature Maya Zuckerman, COO Luman; Richard Streitz, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ruh Global IMPACT; Marco Robinson, Founder of NAKED technologies and Uriel Alvarado, Co-founder and CEO of Grupo BienAhora and BienFest.

About openbusinesscouncil summit

The openbusinesscouncil summit is a leading 2-day global virtual event that aims to strengthen businesses, startups and governments’ with digital transformation strategies and how to deal with the economic challenges and technology disruption arising from COVID-19.

From December 9 – 10, the leading global virtual event provides access to a unique roster of 100+ leading global speakers from over 30 countries and a direct reach of 10.000 participants and an indirect reach of around 10 million people.

The summit has a solid focus on businesses and governments’ digital transformation strategies, and it will provide a road map of solutions, covering opportunities of how to work and collaborate as governments, businesses, cities, citizens and nations move forward with 4IR – Society 5.0. The summit will provide an international business and brand exposure through our media partners.

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