Original Pokemon Theme Creator Jason Paige Collaborates With NFT Gaming PocMon To Create New Song

By editor - Aug 09, 2021

PocMon is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the voice of a generation, the man who sang and wrote the original Pokemon theme song - Jason Paige. After over 10 years of being known as the infamous voice behind the favourite Pokemon song, Jason now leaps to create an original theme song for PocMon, with his increasing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. PocMon aims to offer a plethora of services within the gaming NFT ecosystem from NFTs discovery, minting and trading to game currencies exchange, lootboxes, and blockchain games store. 

This collaboration will result in an exclusive launch of a unique, contemporary, and entertaining theme song for the PocMon platform.

Jason Paige, best known for his original songs created for television programs. He has given voice to several characters and has a diversified portfolio that perfectly suits the requirements of PocMon. This new venture will mark Jason Paige’s journey in the crypto ecosystem and is an exciting event for both parties.

What is PocMon?

PocMon is a leading platform governed by its community that caters to the industry of decentralized gaming by offering several unique products and services. The underlying architecture empowers the PocMon ecosystem to offer the best of NFT marketplace and decentralized gaming with several hidden rewarding mechanisms. The PocMon ecosystem currently consists of its freshly launched MVP NFT marketplace, and aims to launch its NFT store, lootballs, buyback functionalities and more.

Key Features Of The Partnership With Jason Paige:

• This collaboration will result in several exciting events for the PocMon community apart from the anticipated theme song.

• Jason Paige will write, sing, and produce the desired PocMon theme song.  A video of Jason recording the song in the studio will be released.

• In turn, Paige will receive FIVE exclusive special PocMon NFTs.

• In the future, PocMon will also launch limited-edition Jason Paige merchandise, celebrating the partnership between Jason Paige and PocMon.

• Finally, Jason will be present on PocMon’s Telegram Channel and voice-chat with the community.

About PocMon

PocMon is a disruptive decentralized gaming platform that uses NFTs to offer unparalleled services and products. The entire ecosystem, fuelled by the $PMON token, will contain three main aspects that will make the platform unique.

Lootballs; Users will be able to mint and buy lootboxes containing NFTs and tokens that open immediately, with PocMon being the first project to launch it on blockchain. NFT Marketplace; Users can mint, trade and collect unique blockchain assets using the first NFT marketplace built around native token and the only marketplace with buyback function. NFT Store; The NFT Store will be a place for PocMon’s partners to sell their exclusive NFTs to become a first-of-its-kind place for blockchain games to sell their unique items.

$PMON token acts as the primary currency used for all transactions within the platform. The token has several uses, such as creating or opening a lootball or minting an NFT. PocMon is a community-driven project that gives the token and NFT holders the maximum advantage. For more information about the project, visit their Website, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

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