Tradeling Launches Fulfilment Centre in Dubai CommerCity to Further Expand its Operational Capabilities

By editor - Jul 28, 2021

• Tradeling sets up warehouse in Dubai CommerCity to build on its fulfilment and logistics capabilities, extending bulk/wholesale prices to SMEs

• The Fulfilment Centre boosts competitiveness, allowing sellers to sell high-demand products in smaller quantities, save on shipping and get goods to customers quicker than ever before

Tradeling, the hyper-growing eMarketplace focused on business-to-business (B2B) transactions in the MENA region, has set up a fulfilment centre in Dubai CommerCity as it further expands its business and its commitment to the UAE.  The move aims to extend Tradeling’s operational capabilities to provide a superior and faster service to its customers while keeping up with increasing demand and driving down costs. 

The Tradeling Fulfilment Centre will facilitate domestic and cross-border transactions where high-demand products are stored and fulfilled by Tradeling as part of its extended commitment to the customer. It is an added boost to sellers on the platform as it enables them to ship their products to a dedicated warehouse in bulk, where they can store their goods and sell them in smaller quantities, while saving significant shipping costs which can be passed on to the buyer. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to further benefit from highly competitive wholesale prices.

The Fulfilment Centre serves as a central hub in the 2.1 million square foot e-commerce free zone, where products can be sold and distributed at speed across other GCC countries with ease. 

Marius Ciavola, Chief Executive Officer, Tradeling said: “As we further expand our business and cement our presence in the region, we are pleased to open the Tradeling Fulfilment Centre in Dubai CommerCity to provide additional services to our customers. As an incubator for technology and innovation, Dubai is a perfect location to serve our customers in the region. Dubai CommerCity not only shares the same vision as us to facilitate trade and boost economic activity in the UAE, but it also serves as a well-placed and established free zone catering to fast-paced e-commerce companies, like Tradeling, which are witnessing exponential growth.”

He added, “As the dominant and fastest-growing business-to-business e-commerce platform in the MENA region, we want to ensure we keep up with demand from both buyers and sellers while easing as many pain points as possible for our customers so they can streamline their procurement processes, maximise their earning potential and ensure competitive pricing. In doing so, we are also contributing to help secure Dubai’s place as a global digital economy hub.” 

DeVere Forster, Chief Operating Officer, Dubai CommerCity, said: “Tradeling’s decision to establish a Fulfilment Centre at Dubai CommerCity demonstrates the sustained attractiveness of our facilities to e-commerce providers. The company will be able to leverage the world-class infrastructure offered by the region’s first-of-its-kind e-commerce free zone, enabling them to further drive their business advancement. 

“Dubai CommerCity provides clients an e-commerce ecosystem that enables cost-effective and time-efficient operations, which is key for accelerating their growth. In doing so, Dubai CommerCity serves as one of the critical players supporting e-commerce businesses and shaping the future of the e-commerce industry in the region,” Forster added.

Tradeling connects global suppliers with the region’s markets opening new opportunities for businesses across the globe to thrive in a new era of digital commerce. The dynamic company embodies the keen start-up mindset of its business leaders. Tradeling, which originated as part of the Dubai 10X initiative, is backed by the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA). The Company has recorded impressive growth since its launch in April 2020. The digital marketplace showcases hundreds of thousands of products across 13 verticals ranging from Food and Beverage, Office Supplies, Consumer Electronics, Health and Wellness, Building Materials, among other. Today, Tradeling has more than 55,000 registered buyers and suppliers from over 48 countries and serves all business customers from micro businesses, SMEs to multi-nationals and large organisations.

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