UKIIC And openbusinesscouncil Partner To Promote New Knowledge, Technologies And Innovation In The Industry

By Hernaldo Turrillo - Jul 20, 2021

The Magna Carta Island IIC has partnered with Open Business Council (OBC), a Leading Global Digital Business Directory Certification and Marketplace. This aims to provide a ripe opportunity for partnerships between key figures in the world of culture, industry, and education.

Established in 2018 by Mr Chen Yuanfeng and fellow Chinese entrepreneurs, the Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center (IIC) promotes new knowledge, technologies, products and industries, as well as cultural advancements and system innovations. Named after the island where its headquarters are based, its title befits its ambitions as a vehicle for innovation and progress. 

The Magna Carta Island IIC recently forged a partnership with Open Business Council (OBC), a Leading Global Digital Business Directory Certification and Marketplace founded by thought leaders with over twenty years of experience working with a rich ecosystem of businesses, governments, tech firms and universities. This synergy provides a ripe opportunity for partnerships between key figures in the world of culture, industry, and education: fields championed by the IIC with the view of fostering greater intellectual and economic dialogue between the UK and China.

Since Brexit the geopolitical atlas has been redrawn, mapping out a greater need for Sino-British collaboration in particular. The partnership between OBC and the IIC will attract British talent and investment in China, and vice versa. 

To seal and celebrate the partnership, the IIC held its International Cooperation Forum on Sunday 30 May, presided over by Professor Xiong Yu and co-organised by OBC. The Forum saw speakers explore ways to deepen Sino-British scientific and technological cooperation in the future, with a keynote speech from Dinis Guarda, Chairman of OBC, on ‘Global Europe Innovation outlook and building a Society 5.0 Magna Carta’.

Punning on the name of the IIC and its headquarters, Dr Guarda emphasised the importance of developing technology from a human-centric perspective. His Great Charter on the future of society combines game-changing innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, artificial intelligence and big data, with real, human-centric problem solving, in order to build a harmonious and sustainable world.

Keynote Speaker - Dinis Guarda, Chairman of OBC

Guarda also believes that China is a country where high tech is continually applied in groundbreaking and practical ways, and looks forward to exploring more opportunities for Sino-British collaboration.

Other addresses were delivered by Mr. Ying Liangzhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Taizhou Bay New Area; Mr. Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of the British Chinese Chamber of Commerce; Professor Joseph Kittler, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering; Professor Xiong Yu, Chair Professor of Business School of the University of Surrey; Mr. Zeng Wenjing, Chair of Skyline Group; and Mr. Cai Binghong, President of the Chinese Industrial Development Institute.

Mr. Jinglong Zhang - Chairman UK Chinese Business Association
Mr. Binghong Cai - President Chinese Industrial Development Institute

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