World of Waves Announces World’s First NFT Marketplace Completely Dedicated to Charitable Organizations

By editor - Aug 24, 2021

World of Waves ($WOW), a nature conservation effort with a goal of planet sustainability fueled by the intricate world of cryptocurrency, has announced the world’s first NFT Marketplace dedicated to a vast ecosystem of charitable organizations. Driven by an experienced group of developers and specialists with over 40 years of experience in technology and finance, $WOW token holds the key to empower people everywhere to better safeguard the world and its nature.

$WOW started as a crypto token built on the Binance Smart Chain with an overall vision to clean up the oceans, protect and preserve ocean wildlife, and promote sustainability in all practices. Through overall experiences, the $WOW team realized how ocean sustainability only completes the circle of much larger issues that need to be addressed. The NFT Marketplace will be the first step in a journey to promote and provide sustainability to not just oceans but the world and its ever-changing ecosystems.

$WOW is a frictionless yield and liquidity generating token that has a limited supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens. With an 11% fee on each transaction, this token provides so much to its holders and the world: 3.3% is redistributed to all holders, 3.3% to the liquidity pool, and 4.4% is sent to the charity wallet for saving the world’s wildlife and nature conservation. Every four weeks, funds are extracted for charitable donations and community giveaways to charities, cleanup organizations, nonprofit groups, public groups, wildlife rehabilitation programs, and more.

With the upcoming release of the charity-based NFT Marketplace, the $WOW team is absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to show the world the features this Marketplace will be capable of. The $WOW NFT marketplace will include features that are not available anywhere else and will give many crypto artists the chance to sell their art and connect it with a great cause. As $WOW brings a brand new concept of NFT marketplaces to the front line, it hopes to achieve a much greater reach to charity organizations around the world than ever before.

$WOW token not only offers a large charitable aspect but also a huge benefit to its investors. At the V2 launch on July 22, $WOW launched with a market cap of $1,000,000 USD and within nine days reached its first all-time high with a market cap of $16,000,000 USD, providing investors with a 1,600% increase from their original investment. With the NFT Marketplace in the very near future, the team plans to take this charity token to entirely new levels, giving back to the world and the community.

The $WOW team is led by experienced business managers and multi-platform developers with a proven track record of success. Sami Touzani, Founder and CEO, is the $WOW visionary. His passion for ocean wildlife and his love for technology spurred this innovation. Using his experience with ecommerce as a starting point, he put his dreams into motion. Kristijan Tot, Chief Operating Officer, has seasoned experience in strategy, partnerships, and innovation in financial services.

Sami Touzani states, “This is our chance to revolutionize the way we give back to our planet using the future’s technology. Let us unite crypto and the world to make a change together.”

Kristijan Tot adds, “We look forward to being able to show NGOs around the world the true potential behind crypto and how together we can make a much larger impact than ever imagined.”

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